Your single-source for reliable measurement and data analysis

Multi-disciplinary expertise and patented technology to improve your business

Whether your business requires commercial oxygen sensors, advanced vibrational spectroscopy tools, fiber optic chemical sensors, Raman probes or anything in between, MarqMetrix offers unsurpassed quality and innovative solutions.

  • Measurement system innovation, development and modeling
  • Spectroscopic research and development
  • Analysis, development and optimization of Continuous process reactor systems
  • Sample characterization
  • Multivariate data analysis and data mining
  • Machine learning model development and optimization

Data Practice

Unconstrained by existing approaches to data handling, we use our expertise in data science to apply the optimum analysis tools for any given problem.

Industry Consulting

Our cross-industry vantage allows us to look at widespread or targeted problems in a unique way, and enables us to discover custom solutions that provide endless benefit for our clients.


Our patented optical and oxygen sensors provide precise, accurate measurement to help you collect data in even the harshest conditions.

Spectroscopy Equipment

Deploying next-generation spectroscopy equipment allows us to continue developing industry-revolutionizing innovations.