FlowCell BallProbe


The FlowCell BallProbe is an elegantly simple solution for building Raman measurements into a continuous flow process. Instead of designing a system using proprietary hardware or attempting to port an immersion Raman probe into the flow path, the FlowCell BallProbe can be directly added into the flow path using common, industry-standard connections.

The FlowCell body is constructed of Hastelloy C22 alloy, a nickel-based alloy widely considered the most corrosion resistant steel.

  • A perfluoroelastomer sealed version is rated to 200°C and 500psi.
  • For higher temperatures and pressures, a gold seal version is available and has been tested to 350°C and 2000psi.
  • Custom FlowCells are also available with higher pressure/temperature ratings, different materials, and custom connections.
  • Internal volume of ~180uL.

The FlowCell is designed for use with the MarqMetrix FiberProbe, but can be paired with other third-party fiber probes compatible with a half-inch cylindrical connection. Because the MarqMetrix FiberProbe makes a reproducible indexed connection, the probe head can be interchanged with multiple FlowCells for multiple asynchronous measurement points.


See FlowCell in action


Continuous flow drug manufacturing

The challenge
In continuous flow drug manufacturing, monitoring the reaction progress in real time is key to efficiency and cost savings, whether in manufacturing or research.

How FlowCell was used
Using FlowCell, Raman measurements were integrated directly into the flow paths, allowing quantitative assessment of inputs, intermediates and products.

Why it’s important
Real-time chemical feedback allows for complex design of experiments during the drug development phase. FlowCell measurements allow researchers to dynamically optimize quality and yield over a wide range of control parameters (flow rates, temperatures, mixing rates, etc.)


Continuous flow explosive manufacturing

The challenge
Explosive manufacturing requires precise control over temperature and mixing while working with hazardous materials. Furthermore, the environment tends to be highly corrosive.

How FlowCell was used
FlowCell was integrated into the manufacturing stream, offering unparalleled control of chemistry—critical when manufacturing explosives.

Why it’s important
FlowCell performs well at the limited rate of manufacturing used to prevent the buildup of large volumes of potential explosive or hazardous intermediates. FlowCell is also compatible with the highly corrosive chemistries involved.