All-in-one Raman

Plug In. Measure Accurately. There is No Step Three.


Making Measurement Simple, Affordable and Accessible

What was formerly the realm of scientists and specialists is now power in the palm of your hand. Or anyone’s hand, really. MarqMetrix™ TouchRaman® technology is easier to setup than its bulky predecessors, and makes precise, accurate chemical measurements simple to execute and understand.

The Bigger Picture.

Imagine being able to precisely and instantly measure the chemical composition of anything. Now, imagine it being affordable enough to duplicate throughout your unique process. If you’re not seeing the possibilities for your business, you’re not thinking big enough.

The Power of Raman, the Simplicity of MarqMetrix

If you can see it, you can measure it. Simply touch and test. Advanced, non-destructive analysis that can even measure through nearly any packaging. Seem like magic? It’s not.

Measurement Made Simple

Measuring batches and forming molecular fingerprints is both simplified and optimized with state-of-the-art Raman technology. The patented technology of MarqMetrix harnesses the power of spectroscopy to non-destructively measure molecular scatter using a high-intensity laser light.

Measurement Capabilities:

  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Gasses
  • Powders
  • Slurries

Quick. Accurate. Future Facing.

Using our patented BallProbe® with our All-In-One MarqMetrix system you can increase the accuracy and speed of any chemical-based process in your business. For any industry that relies on precision, the measurement offered by MarqMetrix isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.


The Technology Wasn’t Ready – Until Now

Prior to MarqMetrix TouchRaman™, Raman devices were often expensive and immobile, making them cost-prohibitive for broad commercial applications. Because it was highly sensitive scientific equipment, a trained expert was necessary to conduct and analyze chemical results.

Serving a Wide Range of Industries
TouchRaman™ makes precision measurement accessible to broader applications by significantly decreasing cost and complexity, and allows businesses to streamline accurate processes. TouchRaman™ solutions are available that address the specific measurement needs of many industries.

Industries that can benefit from MarqMetrix include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & gas
  • Biotech
  • Food quality & safety
  • Polymers & coatings
  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • And more

Control from the Cloud

To help you synthesize and use the data you collect, MarqMetrix has a cloud platform for command and control of Raman devices as well as management, analysis and display of user generated data. It’s more than just measurement. It’s actionable insights.


How Raman Spectroscopy Works

What Is It?

Raman Spectroscopy is a form of non-destructive chemical analysis that measures how a molecule scatters light from a high intensity laser light source.

How It Works

A small portion of this scattered light, the Raman spectrum, is characterized by a series of peaks showing the intensity and wavelength position that correspond to a specific molecular bond (aka a “molecular fingerprint” unique to a given substance).

Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy:

  • Non-destructive
  • Rapid measurement times; seconds per analysis
  • Simple touch sampling
  • Measures while immersed in liquid
  • Measures in process / flow
  • Measures through nearly any packaging
  • Fast fingerprinting of chemical structure
  • Can measure numerous sample types
    • Solid
    • Liquid
    • Gas
    • Powder
    • Slurry