MarqMetrix Optical sensing TouchRaman™ immersion BallProbes®

Fiber BallProbes®

The MarqMetrix Fiber Ball Probe® is a fiber-coupled Raman immersion probe utilizing the patented MarqMetrix BallProbe® technology. The spherical sapphire lens is mated to the fiber probe with either a gold seal or specially formulated epoxy, depending on chemical resistance required. Our Fiber BallProbe® features patented optics with an exclusively sourced high-grade sapphire lens that has industry-leading low impurity levels and TouchRaman™ technology. With TouchRaman™, the probe can be immersed and/or directly touch the sample thereby reducing measurement variation. MarqMetrix probes are precise, durable and allow for repeatable Raman measurements providing the most accurate sampling data.

Process Elite BallProbes®

Offered in Hastelloy C-276 for applications that require exposure to harsh chemical and extreme physical environments. For less demanding applications, general R&D and lab use, MarqMetrix offers the Performance BallProbe® in marine grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction.

The Process Elite BallProbe®  is offered in three standard diameters and chassis length options

  • 5” OD (12.7 mm) x 6” and 11” L
  • 25” OD (6.35 mm) x 6” L
  • 125” OD (3.18 mm) x 2” and 4” L

Performance BallProbes®

The Performance BallProbe® comes in 0.5” OD (12.7 mm) x 6” and 11” L

Standard BallProbes®

MarqMetrix standard BallProbes® are available on a stand-alone basis, for use with compatible filtered probe heads such as the Kaiser Optical Systems MR and MKII probes.

Custom BallProbes®

MarqMetrix also builds custom BallProbes® with dimensions, optical properties, and chassis materials tailored for your requirements. Other materials of construction include titanium, PEEK polymer (polyether ether ketone), PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane) polymer, and aluminum to meet specific TouchRaman™ application needs. Contact for a custom quote.

To download a PDF spec sheet select the size you need.