precision measurement in aerospace


As the polymer industry continues to push the technical boundaries of lighter chemical composites and stronger materials, process analysis and control of manufacturing processes become essential to success. MarqMetrix® offers a wide range of measurement solutions to enable improved compositional analysis to enhance manufacturing processes and quality.

MarqMetrix Raman technology can be implemented for compositional and structural analysis of polymers both during processing and for final product quality control. Specialized BallProbe® sampling probe technology has been designed specifically (Dynisco fitting) for use at high pressure and temperature during polymer processing. With the MarqMetrix AIO and BallProbe, you can quickly characterize composition, determine structure and optimize molecular weight, non-destructively, in both solid and liquid forms.

Compositional measurements in this field must be highly sensitive, stable, and accurate given the harsh processing environment. The robust sapphire spherical lens built into the MarqMetrix BallProbe is safe from chemical corrosion, and has been proven effective at high pressures and temperatures.