Vent O2 Probe

VentO2 Probe Opens Door to Exploration

MarqMetrix is proud to introduce the new VentO2 Probe for unsurpassed measurement precision in the world’s most extreme environments. The new optical probe can go where humans can’t, making it possible to collect data that has never before been accessible.

The optical oxygen sensor debuted in 2015 as part of the Axial Seamount Expedition, where it was used to measure dissolved oxygen in hydrothermal fluids erupting from an active underwater volcano. The site was more than a mile deep, but the VentO2 probe was successful due to its capacity to withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The new optical oxygen sensor opens the door for geochemical measurement in hard-to-reach locations on earth, and the technology could one day be used to study far-off planets.

Today, commercial applications for the new probe are clear. The new probes can be used in the marine industry to test coastal environments for oxygen depletion. Environmental monitoring around fish farms is one of its most practical applications. There are also further uses in the marine sciences, particularly when it comes to understanding the chemistry of deep ocean environments.

The VentO2 Probe is small enough to fit almost anywhere, making groundbreaking data collection possible. When this information is combined with data mining and analysis software from MarqMetrix, the implications are revolutionary.

To learn more about the VentO2 Probe and how it can improve your technical data collection methods, contact MarqMetrix. We can discuss our existing products or the option of creating custom tools. For a quote, email or call 206.971.3625.