MarqMetrix® combines multi-disciplinary expertise and patented technology to improve your measurements and processes, increasing product quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Services We Offer

  • Measurement system innovation, development and modeling
  • Spectroscopic research and development
  • Analysis, development and optimization of Continuous process reactor systems
  • Sample characterization
  • Multivariate data analysis and data mining
  • Machine learning model development and optimization

Data Practice

Unconstrained by existing approaches to data handling, we use our expertise in data science to apply the optimum analysis tools for any given problem. We utilize a wide array of techniques and routinely design custom tools based on fit, process, client need, and outcome.

Industry Consulting

We are using our development capabilities and experience across multiple different industries. This cross-industry vantage that helps us look at problems in a unique way, often finding a solution that had not been previously discovered.

State of the Art Equipment

  • Spectroscopy     
    We have a number of vibrational spectroscopy instruments including high resolution process Raman systems, a Horiba Raman Microscope, two process ATR-FTIR systems, and multiple NIR, Fluorescence, and UV-VIS spectrometers and detectors. The lab also houses two pulsed laser LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) systems for remote and standoff elemental analysis of standard samples.
  • Electrochemical Measurement     
    The MarqMetrix® lab is well equipped to perform electrochemical measurements for both lab and process analysis. Our equipment includes instruments and sensors for pH, conductivity, impedance, refractive index, dielectric constants and temperature measurements.
  • General Analytical Instrumentation     
    We have an array of smaller analytical instrumentation including a broad spectrum dielectric spectrometer, commercial oxygen sensors, small fluorimeters, as well as an Agilent HPLC coupled to an Advion Compact MS, a Falcon Microfast GC, and two PicoSpin benchtop NMR spectrometers.
  • Gas Calibration     
    Our lab has developed a digital, fully automated calibrated gas mixing system to provide samples for process sensing, as well as process sensor developments.
  • Process Analysis      
    MarqMetrix utilizes hundreds of different modular sample handling components for the development and application of advanced sampling systems for analysis and control of chemical and biological processes. These include NeSSI (New Sampling and Sensors Initiative) and Corning Advance Flow Reactor components ranging from temperature, pressure, and refractive index sensors to actuated valves, and mass flow controllers.