Optical Sensors for Any Environment

Whether you need commercial oxygen sensors, advanced vibrational spectroscopy tools such as a process FTIR system, fiber optic chemical sensors, Raman probes or anything in between, MarqMetrix offers unsurpassed quality and innovative solutions. You can rely on precise data collection, regardless of your application or the testing environment.

Our Fiber Optic sensors can measure oxygen, moisture, ammonia, hydrogen, common solvents, chlorinate organics, hydrocarbons and much more. Our sensors come at a low price and run on low power, but offer unmatched sensitivity, wireless and USB communications, and it all comes in a device that’s as small as 6 centimeters long.

We offer a variety of sensors and probes that can be integrated directly into your processes, and we can help you set up lab equipment, monitors, and cloud-based analytical information to help you understand your results.

Our patented spherical lenses with high-grade sapphire work quickly and accurately, with minimal sample preparation, and the chemical sensors can transmit data in real time using remote fiber optic technology. We can incorporate your data with a variety of software tools, including SolidWorks, GramsAI, LabView, Unscrambler, R, SQL, Python, Perl, Bash and Matlab.

VentO2 Probe Sensors

MarqMetrix is committed to finding innovative solutions across many industries, and we’re proud to introduce one of our latest products, an oxygen sensor capable of studying the geochemistry of deep sea hydrothermal vents and volcanoes. Humans can’t travel a mile deep to learn about the deep ocean, but we can better understand it with this advanced sensor technology. This tool uses UV spectroscopy, is stable in a variety of UV light conditions and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for not only deep sea applications but also for potential use on far off planets.

Optical Oxygen Sensors

MarqMetrix is currently refining a sensor designed to monitor oxygen levels in aircraft fuel tanks. Using vapochromic sensors, Quantum Dots and white light polarization interferometry, these sensors will greatly improve accuracy of measurement for the aviation, defense, and aerospace industries. When used properly, this can vastly reduce the risk of catastrophic fuel tank explosions. The same equipment can be used for military applications such as clearing planes and helicopters that have been hit by ballistics.

Optical Chemical Sensors

Our optical chemical sensors provide analytical measurements in some of the world’s harshest environments. They are frequently used to optimize operations in biotech, environmental, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and the food industries.

Industrial Equipment Monitoring Sensors

We develop custom sensors for equipment monitoring in industrial facilities, including backend user alert notifications.

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If you can’t find the oxygen or chemical sensor you need from our existing inventory, don’t worry. We have the in-house capability to design and construct measurement tools and on your behalf, and we can integrate with our lab’s software libraries for multivariate data analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning and more. Contact us for a quote by emailing or calling 206.971.6325.