Raman Optical Probes

Raman Optical Probes Useful in Many Industries

The exclusively licensed MarqMetrix Ballprobe™ is a TouchRaman™ immersion probe for highly precise measurement in sampling conditions where durability and ease of use are critical. Its unique spherical sapphire lens is the perfect sampling interface for exacting analysis.
The instruments and procedures used and developed in the MarqMetrix lab are of unparalleled quality and useful across a broad spectrum of industries.

Raman Probes for Government Entities

Government research laboratories can benefit from the precise measuring instruments we offer. For their cost, Raman probes have a great deal of performance ability for government entities. Not only are the probes themselves highly sensitive, precise and accurate, but the software used to process the data is user-friendly and easy to understand, requiring very little training. Optical Raman sensors are reliable, compact and durable, so your department won’t need to budget for regular repairs or replacements. Whether your laboratory’s area of research is environmental analysis, forensics, chemistry or biotechnology, a finely tuned Raman probe will widen the range of government research projects you are capable of performing.

Raman Probes for Academics & Consumer Product Research

The value of Raman spectroscopy in the academic research field is almost impossible to overestimate. We can design and construct optic probes to detect and measure almost anything. Imagine using spectroscopic imaging to take images of living cells for early disease detection. Raman probes can perform this kind of imaging many times faster than comparable technologies — practically in real time. Imagine being able to analyze liquids and semi-solids in situ, even in environments where optics could be damaged or samples could be contaminated.
If your academic or consumer research organization needs state-of-the-art solutions for precise, reliable measurement, contact us today for a custom quote on Raman probe technology.

Raman Probes for Oil, Gas, & Energy Companies

MarqMetrix TouchRaman probes are useful to measure points of exploration, characterize crude and natural gases, and perform environmental assessments. They are also the perfect tool for point-of-production quality measurement, characterization and control.
MarqMetrix has also developed a fiber optic oxygen sensor that is small, fast, stable, inexpensive, and chemically robust. These sensors are ideal for process measurement, optimization and control in such processes as corrosion assessment, wastewater analysis, chemical industrial processes, and polymer and petroleum production.

Raman Probes for Pharmaceutical Companies

TouchRaman analysis makes it possible to measure and characterize samples at the micron level, allowing for the exacting precision necessary in this field. Our other spectral analysis tools are also invaluable in this endeavor. In our Seattle research and development lab, we can customize tools and methods specialized to the task at hand, even if they don’t yet exist.

Raman Probes for Chemical Production Companies

The MarqMetrix Ballprobe™ is available in Hastelloy C-276, a nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy able to stand up to extreme physical and chemical environments. This Raman probe’s spherical lens can withstand direct contact to the measurement sample, even in hot, high-pressure, or harsh corrosive conditions. MarqMetrix has demonstrated proficiency in adapting these probes to a wide array of applications while maintaining quality assurance.

Raman Probes for the Aerospace Industry

Measurements in this field must be highly sensitive, stable, and accurate even in harsh environments. The unique sapphire spherical lens built into the MarqMetrix BallProbetor, as well as being safe from chemical corrosion and heat damage.