TouchRaman™ Technology

The TouchRaman™ probes offered by MarqMetrix are invaluable in conditions where highly precise measurement of solids, liquids or gases is critical. There are TouchRaman™ probes capable of being immersed in highly caustic chemicals, or in environments where optics could be corroded or easily damaged.

TouchRaman™ Probe Uses

MarqMetrix TouchRaman™ probes are tremendously useful in many industries and fields of study. They can be used to measure and characterize pharmaceutical, chemical, or other samples at the micron level.

The BallProbe™

The BallProbe™ is a patented immersion probe used for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC). MarqMetrix owns its exclusive license. This extremely durable, easy-to-use instrument has no moving parts to malfunction. Its sapphire spherical lens serves as both the sample interface and the focusing element. Its focal length is constant and reproducible, which is part of what makes its extreme precision possible.

The lens doesn’t accumulate material that could distort measurements. And the components that make up this TouchRaman™ probe will stand up to even extreme physical and chemical environments.

We can build a BallProbe™ to the exact specifications needed; email for a custom quote. Or you can order it in three standard sizes:

  • 0.5” OD (12.7 mm) x 11” L ( 280 mm)
  • 0.25” OD ( 6.35 mm) x 8” L ( 203 mm)
  • 0.125” OD (3.18 mm) x 5” L ( 127 mm)