MarqMetrix has a lot of different choices for your equipment needs. With products like IR spectrometers, Raman spectrophotometers, various Raman instruments, and vibrational spectroscopy equipment, we have all you need to find a solution.

Vibrational Spectroscopy

MarqMetrix has a number of vibrational spectroscopy instruments that include three high resolution process Raman systems, a process FTIR system and multiple NIR instruments for both process and lab applications. The MarqMetrix lab contains various spectrometers and detectors covering a wide range of wavelengths to provide fluorescence, light scattering, particle sizing, and phosphorescence solutions.

The lab also houses two state of the art pulsed laser LIBS (laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) systems for remote elemental analysis.

Electrochemical Measurement

MarqMetrix is also well equipped to perform electrochemical measurements for both lab and process analysis. Our electrochemical measurement equipment includes instruments and sensors for pH, conductivity, impedance, refractive index, dielectric constants and temperature measurements.

General Analytical Instrumentation

An array of smaller analytical instrumentation is available including a broad-spectrum dielectric spectrometer, a number of commercial oxygen sensors, small fluorimeters and fiber-optic pH, strain, pressure and temperature sensors.

Gas Calibration

Two fully automated calibrated gas mixing systems (1 digital and 1 analog) are used to provide calibrated gas samples for process sensing and process sensor developments.

Process Analysis

MarqMetrix houses hundreds of different modular sample handling components for the development and application of advanced sampling systems for analysis and control of chemical and biological processes. These include components ranging from temperature, pressure and refractive index sensors to actuated valves, rotameters, density sensors and mass flow controllers.

General Lab Equipment

The MarqMetrix lab contains six Chemical fume hoods, one BSL 2 hood, 4 C freezers, -20 C freezers, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, balances, centrifuges and fermenters.

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