Accurate, Dependable BallProbe® Instruments, Built to Your Specifications

Optical TouchRaman™ Immersion BallProbes®

The MarqMetrix BallProbe® is a TouchRaman™ immersion fiber probe for highly precise measurement in sampling conditions where durability and ease of use are critical. The unique advantage of the BallProbe® is the spherical sapphire lens, which acts as the focusing element and the sample interface.

The ability to measure a sample directly in-line during production addresses three core production issues: efficiency, waste and cost. Measurements are taken and results are immediate, thereby mitigating any quality issues that can arise during production. Additionally, the BallProbe® chassis and spherical lens eliminate the need for handling samples, providing reduced risk of contamination and the ability to measure hazardous or unknown substances.

The simplicity of application enables both skilled and non-specialists to collect high-quality Raman data, and we offer a variety of small and large probes to suit your project.

Performance BallProbes®

When you need detailed measurements in harsh environments, your choice of testing equipment is of primary importance. With MarqMetrix, you can choose probes created with the Hastelloy C276 superalloy for unsurpassed corrosion resistance in any environment. For labs or other applications, stainless steel models are available, including marine-grade 316 stainless steel.

Each probe uses patented technology, including the spherical sapphire ball lens that doesn’t require focusing. Ask about how this precise measurement capability can be integrated into your systems.

Custom BallProbes®

We have ready-made solutions for a variety of applications, but we know each industry and each project is unique. In addition to our standard and advanced BallProbes® for spectography, we create custom Raman probe tools. We can tailor by dimension, optical properties, chassis materials and more, and use a variety of materials, ranking from titanium to polymer and aluminum.

Once your measurements are taken, we help turn accurate data into understanding. Most products integrate seamlessly with Wi-Fi or USB, and our data systems are built to integrate with MatLab, SQL, LabView, Python, R and other software environments.

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