About Us

Imagine the convenience of having durable, reliable tools that allow you to analyze and achieve an exact level of product quality with minimal interruption to the manufacturing process. MarqMetrix is turning this idea into a reality with its revolutionary optical measurement technology.


Our Story

Founded in Seattle in 2012, MarqMetrix®, Inc. was established by Brian Marquardt, Jack Donohue and Scott Van Vuren to fully commercialize intellectual property Marquardt developed at the University of Washington and make the TouchRaman™ BallProbe® technology available to industry and fully leverage its real-world applications. The BallProbe®, an immersion optic with a unique spherical sapphire lens, enables the user to acquire Raman samples at any time, in any location, in order to make faster, better informed decisions.

MarqMetrix started by gaining business partners and building a multi-disciplinary technical team, while also beginning to establish partnerships with organizations that enabled the company to further enhance its technology. One such affiliation is with the University of Washington, where the company signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for Marquardt’s two patents related to the TouchRaman™ BallProbe®.

MarqMetrix is also a leading developer of optical sensor technology that performs equally well in an array of environmental, biological, chemical and industrial applications. To supplement its measurement technology, MarqMetrix provides wireless sensing platforms for system health management, advanced data analysis and cloud-based tools for monitoring and control.

The MarqMetrix team conducts its groundbreaking work from a 6,100 square foot facility including a 4,200-square-foot cutting-edge laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment for optical, chemical and biological measurement and testing. The company is recognized by local media as one of the top 2014 spin-outs from the University of Washington, and is already working with a number of recognizable global, private sector brands representing the oil and gas, energy, chemical, aerospace, food and agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. MarqMetrix also works with academic and public sector entities around the world.