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We provide highly precise measuring capabilities for controlled or challenging environments, delivering data when you need it most.

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Data Practices>
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We develop data analysis and data mining solutions for your business, turning measurement into understanding.

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We design optical sensors and Raman probes that improve safety and efficiency for a number of industries, including aviation, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas.

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Continuous Flow Systems>
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Our technology, chemistry, and data practices come together to create innovative continuous flow processes.

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MARQMETRIX® is fast becoming the world’s premier optical measurement and sensor company. We develop revolutionary technology to solve problems, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability across a wide range of industries.





Bringing Raman Spectroscopy to the Undergraduate Laboratory

Designed specifically for the educational environment, a Raman tool incorporates a safe way to operate laser in a durable, open package, offered at about a third of the price of a traditional Raman spectrometer. All of t . . .